Miracles Happen!

By November 10, 2015Testimonies


One testimony is eleven years old now, it is something that I have not hidden but not everyone wants to hear all about it. In my late twenties I was diagnosed with epilepsy. The seizures that I had were “absence seizures” and were very mild. I could have one in front of you and you wouldn‟t know. I was on a couple medications that may have controlled them to a degree but never stopped them. There were times when I could have four in one day and it would tire me. I didn‟t want to spend the rest of my life having seizures or on strong medications. This continued for around ten years. At the time I was a Christian but knew nothing about what Jesus obtained on the cross for me.

Then in 1996 at an appointment with my neurologist, somehow brain surgery came up. I said I would consider it if it would make a difference. So after a battery of tests it was determined that the seizures were occurring in a localized area of my brain and that I would be a good candidate for surgery. They figured that the brain surgery could make the seizures about fifty percent better.

On February 22, 1996 I went in for brain surgery. The next thing I knew the nurses were trying to wake me and were telling me to squeeze their fingers. I could not. I was quickly taken for a CT scan.

During surgery there was “troublesome bleeding” which resulted in a stroke. My right side was paralyzed; the paralysis included my face and the right side drooped slightly and I couldn‟t talk clearly. I was only 37 years old with two young sons at home. They figured I would spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair. I soon went from the University Hospital to the Glenrose Hospital for rehabilitation. I was put in the care of three therapists. One for my arm, one for my leg and one for speech. I was supposed to stay at the Glenrose for a month but I didn‟t want to stay. So, after a few days they sent me home and I was to go in everyday for therapy. To make a much longer story short; within a short time I was walking first with a four legged cane, then a regular cane and then by myself. My arm took a little longer but by the end of the year I had recovered nearly 100% of my movement! I had been put on a prayer chain and many people were praying for me. The therapists were amazed! They didn‟t expect me to recover to the extent that I did. It was by God‟s sweet grace that I was healed.


Another miracle took place this past year of which I am most grateful. My dad had always been agnostic and didn‟t want to hear about God. Early last year he was diagnosed with liver cancer. They did not give him a death sentence but it was expected. He knew I was a Christian but I never really said much to him about it because I didn‟t want to be ridiculed.

Early April we had gone to Azusa Street and stopped in Burnaby to see my dad. I gave him a letter that I wrote telling him about Jesus and my beliefs. In July he had a procedure done where they go in through the femoral artery to the liver and blast the liver directly with chemo. The doctor said it was palliative, meaning it would not be a cure. He had a tough time in the hospital and basically had to face his own mortality. Shortly after the procedure he told me that God could take care of his problems and became a Christian!! He then turned his attention to learning about God and searched the net for info. He called me his teacher and asked for websites and info. It was truly a miracle! Since that time he has had a few visits with his doctor and the doctor has been quite surprised with the results of tests. The cancer has been shrinking and is less than half the size it was! We are standing in faith that the cancer will completely disappear.


There is something else that I can give God the credit and praise for. In 2003/04 I took off 35 pounds. I was severely addicted to sugar and consumed a lot of it everyday. I quit sugar entirely and then through eating right and exercise I took the weight off. It was by God‟s grace that I could quit sugar. I proved to myself that when I stayed in the Word and focused on God everyday, my spirit could rule my flesh. I kept the weight off for over a year. Slowly I let the cares of the world take my attention and my flesh grew stronger. I gradually gained 15 of it back. However the miracle in this is that to this day I eat very little sugar!