Metal Rod Removed!

By August 10, 2015Testimonies

A testimony from Greg Kurjata…

On Wednesday night at our study group we had a first time guest named Ron. He had been in a few accidents and had broken his thigh bone in 3 places. They put a stainless steel metal rod 12”L – 1.5”W- ½”D on the outside of the bone to make the missing portion grow back in place. His leg with the rod was longer by ½” because of it.

At the end of the meeting he was in excruciating pain and asked for prayer. I shared a couple of testimonies about seeing the power of trauma being broken and the miracles occurring. We prayed in that fashion, and I had him check it out. He sat back down on the couch, pulled his leg up – stood up – no pain –then he went to the washroom to check on the steel rod AND IT HAD DISAPPEARED! YAY JESUS! He was taller as well! Hallelujah! AND… his left leg had been smaller in dimension when we began praying. It was full size when he was checking it out! Come ON JESUS! First time I’ve seen that much metal disappear! Thank you, Lord, for your wonderful works to the children of men.

I encouraged him that the miracle was God telling him how loved he was, and the sign of healing now pointed to the Lord. And if He can heal him in his leg He can do whatever He needs in His life. Isn’t God a good God?