Lighthouse Supernatural Training Center (LSTC)

Our Mission



To equip and deploy believers who passionately pursue worldwide transformation.




  • Our heart is to stay tuned into what the Spirit of God is doing, and to help train people accordingly for the last days harvest.
  • The primary emphasis is for believers to return to signs and wonders as a lifestyle.
  • Our desire is to create an environment where people can take risks in learning to operate in the supernatural without fear of rejection or failure.
  • Our Determination is that this training centre will be a Holy Spirit Journey into the realm of the impossible where believers will learn how to minister with POWER, walking in signs and wonders.




  • Supernatural training

  • Evangelism (community outreach)

Lighthouse Supernatural Training Center

  If you are thinking about attending a school, consider Lighthouse Supernatural Training Centre
Composition/Song Tiel: No Longer Slaves
Written by Jonathan David Helser, Brian Johnson, Joel Case
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 Open to anyone ages 17-80 (completed high school)! 

About Us


School Year!

This year the LSTC will be meeting for class Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights (Tuesday and Thursday classes run from 6:30 – 9:30 Wednesday class begins at 7:00 p.m.).


To Register, call 780- 963-3110.

 Cost is $2500, which includes the course manual. Payment options are available.  Weekend ministry opportunities will be provided throughout the year. 


Get Our team to visit Your Area Today

 If you wish to have a team from the school minister in your church please contact Pastor Tim Ulmer at 780 982-6422  or 780 963-3110. 

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