God’s Hand of Protection

By December 30, 2015Testimonies

I was blessed to be able to attend your conference this past weekend, and would like to relate to you a miracle of deliverance that happened to a family member on Sunday.

My son, who turned 37 on Saturday, was on his way, along with his girl friend, to visit me on Sunday when someone pulled out in front of them.  With only a few inches between them and the other vehicle, my son said there was no way in the natural for them to avoid hitting the other car!  My son said that it was like the car changed shape and went around the other vehicle!

Brian is a very intelligent sensible man, and not in the least likely to make things up.  He is also a very good driver and has never been in a car accident. I have no doubt that his take on the event was exactly what happened.

Later in the day, when I was worshipping at my church, it was like the heaven’s opened and the Lord spoke to me telling me that just like he had protected my son and his girlfriend that day , so would He  protect my whole family all through the end-times!

I believe this ties in with the message of Jedediah and the word from Charlie that we were going to see miracles happen.

I am certain this is just the beginning for my family!