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Kingdom Kids


God is about relationships, and at Lighthouse Kingdom Kids our goal is to help develop that relationship with God the Father, Jesus Christ His Son and Holy Spirit.  

God is love, there are no boundaries when it comes to God’s love and that is how we facilitate our classrooms.  We nurture what God has already created in a safe and caring environment.

Our goal is to help children develop a relationship with God that nothing can come between, and that they know Him and hear His still small voice throughout life.


Classroom Groups:

JR. KINGDOM KIDS(ages 3 – 5)

This is an amazing room! The teachers are skilled in child development and encourage each child to succeed. The lessons are fun, interactive and challenging. This Bible based classroom is full of opportunities for children to learn and grow with God.


The children are given time to socialize and then it's time for learning and fun. We have challenging lessons that encourage questions about God and the Bible. We want them to develop and intimate relationship with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. We teach about all the gifts of the spirit and encourage the use of them. Our lessons also include games and object lessons that solidify the lesson of the day. We want all the children to feel encouraged and uplifted when they leave here with a strong sense of who God is.


Mothers Room

For mother’s with infants who are yet to be walking there is a room in the north-east corner of the sanctuary for their use. The room is intended for privacy while nursing or just need a quiet place to take your child. This room is not staffed! As such we request you leave the room tidy when finished. 



The room is equipped with sensory and motor skills toys so the children are kept active while learning about God. The children are also provided snacks.  If there is any diaper changing or need for the child to go to the bathroom the parent will be contacted to do so. The area has limited access and check outs to ensure safety for the child.