A Legacy of Faithfulness

By January 1, 2016Testimonies

A testimony from Doreen Harron…

The Lord has had His hand on me since before I was born. My Father, Mother & little sister lived on a farm in southern Saskatchewan. Mum had been in labor 2 days, my great Aunt was with them as a midwife but could not help Mum, it was mid January & a winter storm with roads all closed. On the third day Dad finally got out to the main road & went for the Doctor. When he arrived he had to reach in side Mum & break my right arm before I could be born, I was blue when I arrived & the Doctor said, “She won’t live”. My Aunt wrapped me in a blanket & laid me on the oven door & said, ”If she hiccups’ she will live.” I hiccupped I guess!

We moved to Manitoba when I was 5 years old. At age ten I became very ill, couldn’t breath the Doctor said he could do no more for me. A lady who helped the Doctor said bring her to my house & I’ll keep her over night & pray for her, so my parents went home. I remember waking up in the night & seeing the lady sitting in her rocking chair praying. In the morning I was fine. Praise the Lord! My parents were Christian, we went to church & Sunday school every Sunday. I finished my school & went into Winnipeg to train as a Practical Nurse which I thoroughly enjoyed. I had a license for forty years.

I met Lyle (my future husband) in Winnipeg in 1954. He was working in the Royal Bank, we were married in 1957. Our three boys were born in Winnipeg. In 1964 Lyle was transferred to a small town near Portage La Prairie, Man. as bank manager. We spent a good 2 years there, then he was transferred to Thompson, Man, were we spent 8 years. Lyle left the bank & went into business, the last business was a stationary store. In 1968 I was pregnant & just after Christmas I was down town shopping when I hemorrhaged, they rushed me to the hospital, I remember them getting me into a bed, the next thing I knew I was above my body looking down at the nurses & Doctor. I could see Lyle out in the hall, I did not hear a voice or see anything, but I said, “Don’t take me now, Lyle & the boys need me.” Instantly I was back in my body, I heard the nurse say, “I’ve got a pulse”. But I had lost my baby. I never told anyone not even Lyle as I thought I was crazy. Some time later I read in the Readers Digest of another lady who had the same experience, so I wasn’t crazy!!!

It was a very hard time for me. Lyle had started drinking & our business folded & in 1973 we decided to sell our home & cottage & head west. I said, “There is just one place I don’t want to live, that’s Edmonton.” So driving in Edmonton, August 1973, I knew this is where we were going to live (But God’s hand was on all of this). I have always loved the Lord & prayed all my life. We rented a home on the street Gary Lefebve’s sister lived on. Through her I started going to a Bible study at Gary & Sandy’s. There for the first time I heard we could have a personal relationship with Jesus & I wanted everything. Pat’s (Gary’s sister) husband & Lyle became drinking buddies, so life became very difficult for all of us, especially the boys. It was at the Bible study, I met Manely Hodges (Pastor at Central Pentecostal) & he counseled Walley & Lyle. At that time Lyle asked Jesus into his heart & would be ok for awhile but then fall again.

At this time the “Happy Hunters” couple from the States came to Edmonton. Charles Hunter prayed for me to receive the Holy Spirit & I spoke in tongues It was awesome!!! Still is. One morning I was listening to Frances Hunter praying for broken homes. As I sat crying, God spoke loud & clear to me, it filled the room I was in. God said, “Lyle will be healed.” I told no one. Things at home got much worse & I asked Lyle to leave, he went into rehab for 21 days. When he got out he found an apartment, not far from where the boys & I lived, but he was drinking again. My parents & sisters wanted me to leave & divorce him, but I could not because one day I had stood before the Lord & my family & friends & made a commitment “till death us do part” & I meant it.

While Lyle was in rehab, I was asked to go to a meeting in a Catholic Church hall. I didn’t know anyone but the person who told me about it. A priest spoke on receiving an inner healing, I had never heard of this but I wanted it. The course was 6 wks. So my girl friend & I went. Two nuns prayed for me the last night, I felt nothing. I woke in the morning, before I even moved I knew I was NEW inside & OUT! It was wonderful! I was washed clean of all hurts, to this day I don’t remember many of the hurtful thing from the past – GOD IS SO GOOD!

On Feb. 21,1978 at 3 am, something woke Lyle. He was alone in his basement apartment. He said as he looked up he could see the stars & from somewhere way out in space it was like a laser beam came into the room & hit him on his knee (it hurt he said). The sensation he had was that all the molecules in his body came apart & then came back together again… The next morning he called me & said, “The Lord healed me last night.” I thought, “ Hum, I’ve heard that before.” However, on my way to work I was praying & I remembered the word from the Lord months earlier, I said, “Lord is this what you meant???” Lyle found work right away & in a few days I knew something had really happened to him. We were reunited about 4 months later, the Lord put our marriage back together. We repeated our wedding vows at a Charles & Frances Hunter meeting. We saw many, many miracles in our life.

One year to the day after Lyle was healed (Feb.21 1979), we boarded a plane for our first trip to Israel, one of many trips over the next many years. The Lord began to speak to Lyle in a wonderful way & he just obeyed. The Lord directed him to travel around the world praying over nations. I worked during this time & prayed as I never knew exactly where he would be but God gave me such strength & peace I was able to carry on. We traveled to many places, lived 7 months in Israel & loved the Jewish people. We served the Lord for 28 years together, God is so good.

Our last trip was in April 2006, the Lord spoke to Lyle that we were to go to Israel & we did, it would be our last trip together. Our Lord took Lyle home on Aug.6, 2006. August 31st would have been our 49th wedding anniversary. Lyle got to celebrate his in heaven, Praise The Lord and Bless His Holy Name. We were blessed with three healthy good boys & now have 9 Grandchildren & one Great Granddaughter.

I am abundantly blessed and count it a privilege to serve the Lord. Sure I miss Lyle every day, some people have said, “So sorry for your loss.” I did not lose Lyle I know exactly were he is, with Jesus, where we all want to be some day. He just got there before me! Praise The Lord!